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On BIOTERMIC handpieces are placed bioceramics, emitting heat wave at a similar frequency of the ones emitted by our body. 
Through the phenomenon of RESONANCE is then possible to raise, SELECTIVELY, the temperature of the treated tissues, in order to facilitate detoxification and regeneration.




BIOCERAMICS emit a FAR INFRA RED RAY (FIR) - which is rightly called the "light of life": this is the energy source of all living beings on earth.
It is the spectrum of light that, due to the RISONANCE, is absorbed by our body, and it is particularly generous in the morning and evening  sun, the FIR has insightful and important power on health effects.
One of the most important effect of  bioceramics is the ability to detoxify the tissues freeing them from toxins and heavy metals.


This is the reason why bioceramics are used to coat the inside part of the space shuttle, in order to duplicate the sunlight energy. Suits worn by spaceman are coated with fabric made of active infrared bioceramics.




To better understand the action of bioceramics, you need to consider that our body is made by about 70-80% of water. Water molecule is formed by an oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms, binding together using the single electron of the hydrogen atom established on the high orbit of the oxygen atom.
The two hydrogen atoms (positively charged) with the oxygen atom (negatively charged), form the so-called "dipole moment", very important to understand the behavior of water.

Consequently to the dipole moment, water tends to form "clusters"  preventing the cell nor to use the nutrients contained within and nor to expel them even if filled with waste. The excessive formation of clusters and the union of other molecules, due to the electrostatic attraction exerted (POLYMERIZATION OF WATER MOLECULE) originate an increase in volume of the same and a decrease of its density, causing a lower adhesion of the interstitial fluid to the cytoplasmic membrane, a minor transfer of calcium ion into the cell and preventing a proper electric exchange in cell. To eliminate the clusters it is necessary to turn the water molecule and break the  dipole connection.

BIOCERAMICS affect directly the water molecule because they transfer a quantum of energy at a given frequency (temperature), which allows to perform the required twist to the water molecule.
Once clusters are broken there is a natural expulsion of gas and toxic materials that promote, in addition to detoxification, a functional recovery of all osmotic processes by decreasing the volume of water and increasing the density of the same, improving contact with the cell membrane.

Selective Heat Wave

Far infrared rays (FIR) produced by bioceramics enhance microcirculation, enhance the metabolic system and the immune system.

FIR can penetrate body up to 5-7 cm and normalize blood circulation.
The strengthening of the immune system in our body is a direct consequence of the improvement of the micro – circulation system that also decelerate the cellular aging process.

Raising the temperature of the tissues up to 49 °, is possible to contract the collagen fibers and increase the production of existing neo collagen, stimulating FIBROBLASTS. This has been verified in the Department of Dermatology of the Hospital Saint Louis in Paris by Professor Luis Dubertret.




Cleanse the area to be treated by the Biotermic solution

The product is especially formulated in order to not alter the set temperatures and it is different  formulated according to the treatment to do (anti-age, cellulite, firming, draining, moisturizing); it must be put directly on the handpiece.




Increased production of collagen and elastin

Increased local microcirculation

Increase of cell metabolism

Skin toning

Increased muscle tone





Non-Surgical facelift



Skin laxity
Detoxification / drainage
Remodeling of the contours


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