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Today the efficacy of medicines and medical practices depends on scientific work related predominantly to the statistic, that is worth only if attributed collective phenomena, but it has no value when individual phenomena are analyzed. Nowadays, with the advent of new knowledge that comes mainly from physics, it would be useful to revise some parameters, so that new ones could be considered in order to correct the error rate that is ordinary in statistics while in physics it is not. A physical law must be accurate and working, or it is defective and does not work! . Can statistics still be considered a fundamental discipline in medical researches even if the current reality of the phenomena  is getting more and more individual and less collective?
No one is the same as another, not even to himself a moment later.
Human body is built up by atoms held together by magnetic bonds improperly called chemical bonds: about 100 hundred thousand cells; a cell has the size of about one thousandth millimeter , an atom of about a ten-millionth millimeter , and for this reason we have about 10,000 atoms per cell and then one billion billion atoms that compose an adult body.


Chemical reactions, that originate metabolism and life continue to occur in the human body; every chemical reaction is nothing more than a union or separation of molecules that attracted or rejected, combine together in order to form new chemicals substances and compounds, releasing or consuming energy. In a few words this is life.

In order for these phenomena to occur with regularity and without alteration, it is necessary that, the various molecules come together at the molecular level, have a consistent frequency, that means that it must be the same. If  molecules at a different frequency come together, we obtain, if it is slightly altered, the common aging, while the difference is greater, the result is disease, cancer and even death. Chemical pharmacological therapies intervene only on the chemical equilibrium and it is not sure that are able to intervene on the balance that is the basis of each process, the energy balance.

Considering  our body as an agglomerate of magnets that interacts to each other thanks to the effect of the resonance, and considering  the principles of quantum mechanics by Mark Planck, we notice that  a body (or a system of bodies ) can simultaneously find in different states. A body can , for example, have a percentage of different values of energy ​​and its energetic/magnetic/vibrational value / expresses the quality of the whole.
The reason why we eat is only for generating ENERGY, better known as ATP, in our power plants (mitochondria). But the quantity of energy needed by our body is huge, and our nutrition is not enough for the myriad of activities that we are involved in every moment of our live.
We are a large antenna (we consist of: water, salt and metals) and we can pick up and use part of the electromagnetic waves (light) come from sun and, unfortunately, many other that come from generators that “human wisdom" has created (electrosmog). Consider that when the electrons of each kind of compound hasten, emit radiation, that means electromagnetic fields.

In the transmitting antennas, electrons are made accelerate to emit electromagnetic waves that will reach other receiving antennas . The wave that affects the receiving antenna makes the electrons of the antenna speed up and in this way thus electric currents readable by the receiver are generated. The German scientist FAPopp has dedicated his studies to verify the hypothesis that cells communicate with each other using light energy, that is, biophotons, and only secondarily and locally through the biochemistry. It is clear that all this energy produced, received and transmitted by our cells needs a "coordinator" using all the energy in the form of electromagnetic waves, in order for our life and defense of it to be possible. Aging or diseases are determined by an inconsistency of these signals or by a problem related to the power that is present in the affected tissue(s) . The disease, therefore, may be a direct consequence of erroneous or distorted "communications ".
The vibrational cosmetology considers the matter as an energetic manifestation, human beings are seen as clusters of atoms with its own energy field and the cells are considered not to be linked by chemical bonds, but by magnetic ones, that  interface themselves with physical-cellular systems. This network is organized by vibrations and powered by subtle energy flows that connect life force with body.
The first consideration we have to do speaking of vibrational cosmetics is about the presence of the adaptogen aspect.

The frequencies and the signals are absorbed and used for the conversion into vital energy (ATP) and the first tissues that receive energy are the endothelial ones(arteries, veins and lymphatic) . Once the proper functionality is reestablished, the energy charges are restored in all those tissues that have been directly or indirectly affected.
Varying the parameters of frequency and energy (programs) you can rebalance all those structures affected by " messy " signals and recover the full functionality of tissues.
Cellulite at various stages, dysmorphism and aging are the three blemishes treated from the vibrational cosmetology.

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