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Martin Beauty was born from the desire to create a turning point in the Italian cosmetology. People who compose it, combine entrepreneurial capacity, twenty years of experience in beauty treatments at the highest level and technological innovation. Martin Beauty projects are fully designed and tested in Elettroplastica SPA research laboratories, an Italian company operating for 50 years in the field of household and electro-medical appliances, always attentive to design and innovation. The partnership with a group of young designers allows the realization of its projects, starting from  an abstract idea up to the final product.

Training is a key element by which cosmetic product, massage technique and technological innovation are perfectly blended.


Light and water are synonyms with life. Our existence is tied up and subjected to the possibility of receiving light (energy) and keeping our body hydrated; this concept can be extended to any form of life on Earth.
The aging and well-being of our body are subordinated to these two very important factors. But only few know or recognize the fundamental role covered by light. In fact people who are not sufficiently exposed to warmth or brightness of the sun, suffer from many problems both psychological and physical.
It's always been our care to provide our body the correct amount of light (energy) and the necessary water (trace elements), in which salts, minerals, metals, proteins and vitamins

essential to us are dissolved. It is exciting to deal with living matter. We abhor any died compound as chemical preservatives or pernicious and destructive forms of energy.
Martin Beauty lives, is enhanced, when body restores its homeostasis biophysics. The pursuit of perfection is a long, full and intense target during our lifetime.



Martin Beauty, in collaboration with its partners, offers professional training on the use of equipment for LED Light Therapy, Quantum Current and cosmetic products.
The training is exclusively made ​​ by highly qualified staff, specialized on Martin Beauty's products.
For more information do not exhitate to 


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