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A revolutionary system of spray tanning that is based on the atomization of natural substances such as: the DHA, vitamins ACE and water.
The solution is paraben-free and has no toxicity or contraindication. Today has been improved thanks to the discovery of an innovative natural principle which, combined with DHA, remove all the old problems of variation yellow/orange stains with a double advantage: to brighten the color effect and make a surplus of hydration to epidermis.
The new formula, made in Italy, gives a golden and intense color as that of 3-days-sun and lasts from 5 to 7 days.


Face and Body Effects

  • Acts in depth

  • ​Hydrates the skin

  • It doesn't cause wrinkles

  • It doesn't age the skin

  • It doesn't cause rashes

  • It doesn't cause stains

  • Very fast application

tanned in a click
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