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air plasma system

BioSpot complete line based on arbutin and kojic acid for enlightening and lightening treatments. Very effective on skin discoloration.


Effects of treatment

  • Effectively reduces spots and skin discoloration

  • Increases the brightness of the face

  • lightening action

  • Hydrates

OxygenCase is a device that "draws air" from the environment, compresses it and physically "pushes" the product into the cellular lumen.


The heart of the system is the AIR PLASMA SYSTEM.

The main benefit of the plasma (also called electro-climate) is to obtain an important bactericidal effect which allows you to spray the product through a mixture of fresh air and get all the benefits of the ions on the skin, whereas one of the negative effects of excess bacteria causes inflammation and therefore premature aging.

Using OXYGENCASE  PLASMA AIR SYSTEM is possible to convey deep sera specially prepared to help you to achieve extraordinary results.


Bio Jalur

Complete line based on low molecular weight hyaluronic acid for moisturizing and plumping treatments.

Bio Staminal

Complete line based on plant stem cells for the anti-aging treatment and skin rejuvenating.

Bio Boto

Full line based on hexapeptides with Botox-like effect for wrinkle treatments and face lift.


BioEpil Complete line is based on enzymes at high concentration to reduce the number of existing hairs and lengthen the time between a depilation and the other. It's a unique system to progressive achieve permanent hairs removal in all areas of the body and for any hairs color even those white and red. It has no seasonality so you can do even in summer.


BiOxy Volumex

Plumping line for lips,breast and décolleté. This innovative formula is based on the use of a phytoestrogen derived from soy.

BiOxy Peeling

Full line composed of 5 formulations of different types of acids and three masks: ELASTIN, COLLAGEN AND PLACENTA to transmit with OXIGEN CASE PLASMA AIR SYSTEM.

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